My Thoughts on Google+

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Google
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For anyone who doesn’t know, Google+ is Google’s latest foray into the world of Social Networking, but with a twist. As with anything made by Google, there is a minimilist flair in the design (well as minimilist as you can be while including all the functionality that Google+ has to offer). When talking about anything having to do with social networking, there will always be the unavoidable comparison to social networking giant Facebook, but Google+ isn’t out to replace Facebook, but rather provide something new and refreshing to the social place.


Circle’s, unlike what many would expect, isn’t like your friends list on Facebook, but rather more akin to twitter’s following system. You can put people in your circle, and see what they post in the public space, but they don’t have to add you to theirs (and therefor see what you post). This new system of how you share your posts and what posts you get shared is a refreshing change from Facebook. Once you have a good amount of people set up in your circles who talk about topics that interest you,your news feed becomes less like the inaudible chatter in a bar room to, well, actual news. Of course there are the purely social posts (Like look at these pictures of this place I went) and people looking for that type of social interaction won’t be disappointed.


Sparks are something entirely new for those who are coming straight from Facebook or similar sites. When you set up a spark, and click on it you get a plethora of news and the like on whatever topic you set up. These are awesome and go very well with your circle’s because if you find yourself unsure of what to share, reading through a few articles that sparks show you can lead to you finding a whole bunch of stuff that you might find share-worthy. It’s also nice to say current on certain topics. For example, I set one of my sparks to video games, and the sparks feed shows a bunch of video game related news articles of great interest. I even shared a few with my circles.


I haven’t really had a chance to play with hangouts much, but they are sort of a group web chat (using your webcam if you want) Kind of like tinychat and the like. From what I have read, there has been a lot of positive feedback on this particular feature, and I admit, it is a great way to connect with people, and is something most other Social Networking sites don’t offer.

Overall, Google+ is awesome, and I was very impressed with the overall design of the site, and the features. There are quite a few small features that also make the experience extremely usable and easy. For example, the photo uploading system comes with a simple Photo Editing capability. I don’t think that Google+ will replace Facebook as the next social networking giant, as it’s not really Facebook2.0, but rather an entirely new thing.

For some tips on how to get started with Google+ read this:

And Don’t forget to add me to your circles! You can reach my profile here:

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