Star Wars the Old Republic: No Cross-Server Dungeon Finders

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Star Wars The Old Republic, SWTOR Information, Uncategorized, Video Games

Seemingly confirmed by Biowares Georg Zoeller in this interview: It seems that Star Wars the Old Republic will Not be having dungeon finders. Confirmed in the second post if this forum thread here: Zoeller states the following:


Hi guys,

I thought I should clarify this, since there’s a bit of speculation around.

We won’t have cross server queuing for Flashpoints. We do think it’s bad for building the server specific community, but that shouldn’t be taken as some kind of of dogmatic approach to isolating servers from each other. 

It has much to do with the age of the game and its community – if you start a new server and a community forms, having players create natural relationships during play is preferable over synthetic, short term relationships through a quick to use tool. 

Once a game has so much content that it easily fragments the player base and local community so that it will cause long wait times for players to access such content, then the question of giving players the right tools to find other players becomes pressing again – and we’ll worry about it at that time and see what the right approach will be.

As for PvP: The goal is obviously to keep queue times low. We’ll do anything to ensure that people that want to play a match get a match. Features such as bolstering are a direct result of that approach. At this point there is no cross server queuing – but that does not mean we wouldn’t entertain it as a measure to improve queue times if we feel it is necessary. As said, we’re just practical about these things, not dogmatic.

Hope that clarifies, and, as always, interested to hear your thoughts.


I personally think this is excellent news, and I was sad when this was implemented in World of Warcraft. Even if they cave in down the line for PvE dungeons, I hope they keep PvP instances server only. I agree with pretty much all of Georg’s points here, and I’m glad this is the direction that Bioware is taking from the start. Community in an MMO is on the breaking points for many people, and a large reason many people left WoW. Lets hope it stays this way

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