Gamer dies after 12 hour marathon.

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Video Games
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Just read an article about some kid who died after gaming for 12 hours straight. You can read the article here:


Of interest to me was the discussion going on in the comments. A lot of people (especially those who are against video games for some god forsaken reason) would take this incident as an example of why video games are bad for our (and future) generations. This, however, is untrue. This speaks more towards addiction more than video games. While I’m not going to get into a debate about whether video games can be addictive (maybe I’ll make another post about that) It can definitely be said that this kid went way overboard. As many people say, moderation is key with any activity (whether it be alcohol, drugs, or video games).


The article doesn’t mention what game the kid was playing, but If i had to guess I would say some sort of RPG or MMORPG (probably World of Warcraft). The addictive nature of these types of games makes them the most plausible.


This type of situation, while both sad and rare, should be taken as a lesson to gamers everywhere. We all love our long late night sessions every now and then, but we need to stay safe and stay healthy. Sure you may want to get that extra level, or beat that last boss, but you can’t game if you are dead.

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