First Unity Project: Lerpz Escapes

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Programming, Video Game Development, Video Games
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I created and finished my first Unity game today! Its called Lerpz Escapes! and is based on a basic Unity tutorial that teaches you how to build a 3D platformer game. Luckily, the tutorial came with all the Assets I needed, (including most of the scripts) so I wasn’t overwhelmed, and was able to complete the project fairly quickly (only took me about a day!)

The Game

The Controls are as follows:

  • WADS keys to move around
  • Left click to attack
  • Right click to re-focus camera
  • Space bar to jump (while in mid-air if you hold space bar your jetpack will slow your descent)
The objective of the game is to collect 20 fuel canisters, so you can escape Robot world 2. The full description is the following:

Our hero is Lerpz: an alien visiting Robot World Version 2. This replaced Robot World
Version 1, which suffered a particularly brutal segmentation fault and abruptly
crashed into its sun many years ago.
Unfortunately, Lerpz has had some bad luck: his spaceship has been impounded by the
corrupt local police. After looking high and low, Lerpz has found his spaceship, but
Every platform game has its star
character who the player controls.
Our star is can he get it back from Mr. Big’s nastier, obsessive>compulsive cousin, Mr. Even
Mr. Bigger loves nothing more than artistically arranging fuel canisters on his floating
patio. He particularly admires how they glow when he places them on hover pads.
(And, of course, they’re cheaper than fitting normal garden lights.)
But there’s something Mr. Bigger hasn’t realized! Thanks to his penny-pinching ways,

Lerpz knows that if he collects all the fuel canisters, the power used to keep them
hovering will overload the security system. This will shut down the impound lot’s
fence and free Lerpz’s spaceship. Lerpz can then enter his spaceship, add the fuel from
the cans and fly away to freedom.
All our hero has to do is collect enough fuel canisters and the impound’s force field
will automatically shut down. Lerpz can then get back into his space car and drive it
away. Mr. Bigger’s hired robot guards will try to stop Lerpz, but luckily, they’re not
particularly bright.

The heart shaped power ups give you health, and the glowing blue platforms are respawn points that you can enable by jumping on. The rest of the mechanics are rather straight forward.


The game is complete, with a few minor bugs (a few of the laser traps are not positioned correctly.) For the future of this project I plan on adding quite a few more features, like power ups, another level, scores, and who knows what else! The very next feature I plan to add is changing the enemy AI a bit to make them wander about while they are idle (in addition to fixing the minor bugs). If you have any feedback for me, or any features you think would be cool let me know in the comments section! If you wish to download and try out the game yourself, click this link:

A gallery of the screen shots is below

The Unity Platform

From this tutorial, even with the basic experience I have I can tell that Unity is an extremely powerful tool for game developers. It addresses game development in a much different way than is traditional, with a focus on the actual game assets. The object model is also very interesting, as everything in Unity is what is known as a GameObject, which in turn is composed of child GameObjects, and components (like scripts, audio files, models, etc.) After learning the basic UI controls, using Unity was a breeze. It presents all the information about what you are doing precisely and elegantly, and makes organizing your project a breeze! And Unity also has different options for building your game for different platforms, which makes deploying a game on, say, Mac and PC a breeze. You simply select the platform you want and… voila!

For anyone wanting to get into game development, and game developers who want to streamline their development process, Unity might be the answer you are looking for. I can’t wait to continue development on this platform, and see what else it has to offer.


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