List of Unity Game Assets (Both free and Paid)

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Programming, Unity, Video Game Development
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One of the most awesome things about Unity is the focus on Assets, and the large community you have at your disposal that create assets. Usually, if one wanted to create a game one would have to not only do the tasks they don’t mind (for me thats programming) but the tasks that are difficult and time consuming for them (for me thats graphics/modelling. I can’t model worth a dam.)

Fortunately, the folks at Unity have created a store where you can browse through and purchase different asset packages! These could be simple models, to entire scripts, or prefabs, or any combination! Here is a link to the Unity asset store


However, for developers on a very tight budget, there are also free and discount asset packages offered at various places on the web. They range in quality (and of course you get what you pay for so to speak) but there are plenty of great quality free and low price assets available. Following is a list of free, free/paid, and paid sites where you can get Unity Asset packages:



Paid Only:

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