Lerpz Escapes: Level 2 Progress

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Unity, Video Game Development, Video Games
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After I completed the tutorial (You can read my post about it here ) I have been very busy! I added some touches to the game (A simple score system, refined some game variables like speed and jump, fixed  laser trap issue, and more) and started building my second level. I have been using the assets available with the tutorial. I may also download a few assets from online, though I may save doing that for the third level.

For the next version of the game (which will have this level) I plan on adding some extra music to it, another power-up type, and perhaps some extra functionality to the AI. I have decided to forget about my plans for adding wandering around to the enemy AI script, as without animation it just looks bad. Perhaps After I have learned a little bit about 3D modeling, I will get back to it.


The screen shots of the level are below. The descriptions describe each screen shot, and give information about what the area will be used for/why I created it that way.


If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please let me know!

  1. landon Kirk says:

    can you leave a download of the completed scene

    • Sure! It will be a few days since I’ve been pretty busy lately, but once I have a chance Ill leave a DL of the Scene so others can view/modify what I did in Unity.

    • I uploaded a post with a download link to the Lerpz 2 game project. The download is a rar of my assets folder (with the various scenes) so you pretty much have access to everything (scripts, models, etc.) I used. Check it out

      If you have any questions, leave a comment (on the post linked above if you can). Hope this helps, and sorry it took so long!

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