Global Launch for SWTOR (and other goodies)

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Star Wars The Old Republic, SWTOR Information
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Today’s update had some exciting news for SWTOR fans that aren’t in America. Contrary to prior information released, SWTOR will be released on North America and Europe on December 20th. This is great news for Europeans who were eagerly awaiting this game, but disheartened by the news that the game would release in America earlier. This full post can be read here:


Today also had two other neat updates. The folks at Bioware created an information page for their Operations. For those who don’t know, Operations in SWTOR are akin to raids in other MMORPGs, with the added story element that this game is known for. The page can be reached here: This page comes complete with the Eternity Vault walkthrough and information on what Operations in SWTOR will be all about.


Finally, they also released a new trailer called Signs of War. This trailer really made me realize how much I want this game to come out. You can watch it here:




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