New Unity Project on the Horizons

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Unity, Video Game Development
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The Lerpz 2 project is great fun, but I’ve been wanting to branch out into a different genre of games I find more interesting. I plan on making a medieval/fantasy themed RTS-like building game. It will be much like the games you can play on social networking sites (like Facebook or Google plus) and I plan to draw a lot of inspiration from the game I have been playing on Google plus lately, City of Wonder.

Now, I plan on making this a fairly ambitious project that I will develop in small iterations. I am starting with a bundle of Assets made available by Digital Roar, an indie game creation studio (read about their games here: who are very active in the Unity community.

The Asset pack is called Maelstrom (named from the game they were going to use these assets to make, but scrapped in favor of their latest project, Ascension War). You can download it here if you are interested in it: Note, that link takes you to a torrent download. If you would rather use a direct download, try : As of right now, this link still works.

Right now, I have yet to plan the core mechanics in full detail, but for the first simple iteration I plan on having

  • A resource system, to be announced.
  • Ability to build buildings and such.

I plan on this game being more if a civilization sim rather than a strategy game.

Since I am basically starting from scratch, I hope to learn a lot about Unity and scripting with it in the process.

Also, I do plan to keep working on Lerpz, but updates will be slower as I work on the other game also.

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