Rewritting some Articles

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Blacks Corner Updates, Updates
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Writing this blog has become a very fun hobby for me. I have learned a lot in writing some of the tutorials I have, and am much more productive now that I have a way to document my progress (which pushes me to post more and more progress)! However, some posts were written in haste, and some have some minor grammatical and spelling errors. So in the near future, in addition to writing new content, I will be rewording some of my posts, as per suggestions from some peers, and some revisions I find on my own.


So, for any of the writers, or experienced bloggers out there, if you want to aid me in the revision process, you can leave some comments, or email me at I would prefer if you left a comment, as I would be able to respond to and read it faster. For everyone who submits suggestions, thank you in advance! Anyone who is able to help me I will put a shout out to them (and free advertising for their site/products/whatever if they have one) in a post.

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