My Problems with SWTOR PvP

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I will preface this post by saying that I love SWTOR PvP. The combat is very dynamic and interesting. The moves are fun (at least on a Mercenary) and overall the combat system was pretty well thought out.

That said, most if not all MMORPGs have the problems when starting out. SWTOR is no exception. Below, I will describe what I find wrong with SWTORs PvP system overall (including the gear progression, dailies, etc.)


I have talked about my dislike of Ilum previously (in this post), but I needed to mention it. I will not go in depth into what I find wrong with Ilum (as I did that in the post linked), But I will list some of its problems:

  • Boring/Frustrating Daily
  • Kills not counting toward your daily count
  • Almost always empty on low pop servers
  • If not empty, the population is severely skewed towards one side.

Getting Gear

Getting the PvP gear in SWTOR can be very frustrating. The system itself is overly complicated, with a total of five different commendations that you can trade for gear, only 1 of which you earn through Warzones. You earn Warzone commendations, which you can then trade for Mercenary commendations (30 Warzone per 10 Mercenary). You use Warzone and Mercenary commendations (200 of each) to buy champion bags. These bags drop Centurion and Champion commendations (15 and 7, respectively) and have a low chance to drop tokens which you can trade directly for gear. The Champion and Centurion commendations can also be traded for gear. The last type is Battlemaster commendations, which you can use to buy Battlemaster gear. These are a rare drop in Battlemaster bags (kind of like the Champion tokens) which you can only get from the two PvP dailies (collect 30 armaments/kill 30 enemies in Ilum, and win 3 warzones). Battlemaster bags also drop Champion commendations (15 each). That was a mouthful! If it takes me an entire paragraph to explain the loot system for PvP, then its probably a little too complicated!

One of the biggest problems with this system as well, is the randomness. I (and many others) are ok with having a long grind to get PvP gear, but random number generation has no place in PvP gear progression. Before the latest patch (which changed the system to the above. Before Champion bags only have 3 Centurion Commendations, and Battlemaster bags only gave 3 Champion commendations) it was even worse, as people relied on the random tokens to get their gear. This resulted in people being lucky and unlucky, with some players getting 3-4/5 of the champion set in a few days, while some still only have 2 pieces after nearly a month. You could also get duplicate tokens, resulting in many people never getting the chest and head slot, but having 5-6 boots or gloves. I, for example, have full Champion/Battlemaster gear, except for my main hand weapon.

Bioware could easily make the system  a lot simpler, while keeping the gear progression grind. For example, if they simply restricted Champion PvP gear to those with champion valor rank (50), and allowing it (as well as Centurion PvP gear) to be brought with Warzone commendations (and/or mercenary commendations if they must), the grind changes from grinding bags and hoping to get lucky, to grinding valor. This is how Battlemaster gear works anyways, since you have to be valor rank 60 to wear it! It could take the same amount of time (or potentially longer) but people actually have a tangible goal they are working towards. Centurion gear could be available to everyone, regardless of rank, so that level 50’s below rank 50 don’t get abused by those with gear. They also would avoid the gear gap between fresh level 50s, and those with good gear, since Centurion armor would be fairly easy to purchase. And, this would simplify the system to two types of commendations.

The Various Exploits and Bugs

I’m sure Bioware is working on this very hard, but there are still many bugs and exploits that is really killing PvP. For example, the bug where you get logged out of game upon entering a Warzone, or the bug where Warzone wins don’t count towards your daily. The most irritating things are the exploits. There are exploits where you can get more than 8 players on your team. There is also a Jedi Sage exploit/hack which leads to the player doing insane damage. Exploits like these absolutely need to be fixed as soon as possible, or many people will quit.

Server Imbalances

Most servers have a population imbalance favoring Imperial players. More people have simply joined Imperials rather than the republic. This is one of the main causes of the problems with Ilum, but it also has more negative effects on the PvP. If you are an imperial player, Warzone queues can take forever at level 50, and about 90% of the Warzones played are Huttball. These problems can be fixed multiple ways. The way I hope they will fix it is by allowing free server transfers, and merging some of the low population servers. What will most likely end up happening is cross server Warzones. I am against cross server Warzones personally. I’m not going to get into my reasoning in this post (as that deserves a post of its own) but the gist of it is that cross server Warzones really take away from the server community.

Overall, while SWTOR PvP is fun, these things (among other more minor issues, that could be considered under glitches or bugs) are really ruining the experience. I hope Bioware is able to fix these problems soon, so we can all go back to enjoying the heck out of the PvP!

  1. billy says:

    do you know the spawn rat for armaments around the central assault area?

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