Simulated City Game

This will be the main page for my Simulated City Game. I will still write blog posts detailing progress and such, but I will post the current information about the game here. You can use this page as a sort of snapshot of the current iteration of the game if you missed the progress report posts, or simply want to skip reading those.


Currently, I have no name. I have gotten a few different suggestions, and have thought of a few on my own, but still haven’t figured out a name. If you want to post a suggestion, comment on this page, or comment on this blog post:

I will keep the first comment on this page updated with the various names that I have been given:

Current Iteration

This game is being developed in Unity 3D. I am using Blender for the 3D modeling.


The game consists of the following resources:

  • 6 unique 3D models, modeled by me, as well as their respective textures.
  • 3 different ambient music sounds, and 2 sound effects
  • Tiled game Board

Game Mechanics:

The game has the following game mechanics:


  • 6 unique buildings
  • Each building provides certain stats to the city
  • Currently, 13 different stats that buildings can have
  • Buildings take either 1 tile, or 4 tiles (each building is a square)
  • Buildings can’t be built in the same tiles.
  • Some Buildings have negative stats (IE Military buildings have negative happiness)
  • Some buildings have requirements in order to function. For example, in order for the population building to allow city population to increase, it needs units of water (1 unit per person currently);
  • There are 6 types of buildings: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Military, Special, Resource


  • City composed to Buildings, and stats
  • Stats are 13 building stats, plus 4 City specific stats
  • City stats are the sum of all buildings stats. Negative building stats act as a reduction (IE military buildings reduce happiness)
  • Building resources come in the form of cash (this may change)
  • Achievements based on current city stats
  • Every City starts with empty “Offset Building” to hold current effects on the city


  • Currently 3 achievements, Barter System, Community, and Tribalism
  • Achieved based on current city stats, and previously unlocked achievements
  • Certain achievements bar you from getting others. In this way, they act like a sort of research tree.


  • Simulations are done in time intervals (IE every X seconds).
  • The following city stats and mechanics are currently simulated:
    1. City Happiness (increases and decreases based on current happiness and other factors)
    2. Desirability (Defined as the probability that someone will move into your city. Dependent on various city stats)
    3. Employment (How many and how fast people get jobs in your city)
    4. Population (The amount and rate at which people move into or out of your city)
  • Each simulation is based on a different timer.


  • GUI currently composed of the Following:
    1. Main menu (Has buttons for getting into the Build menu, last achievement alert, and last general game message)
    2. Build Menu (Has buttons for building each unique building, as well as a cancel button. You can hold the C button to continue building)
    3. Achievement (This will eventually hold information on all your achievements, but currently shows last achieved)
    4. General Messages (Shows the last general game message sent)
    5. Stats menu (Shows current City stats, including population, max population, water/goods/power use, employment information, etc.)
  • Alert System that shows messages in middle of screen (used for general alerts, and achievement alerts)
  • Basic text alerts at bottom of screen (shows game play messages, like “You can’t build there” or “Not enough money” etc.)


  • You control a small avatar that you navigate to the tile you wish to build on (No mouse click building as of now, and I may keep it that way. I have some interesting ideas for this mechanic to be more than an arbitrary decision based on ease of coding)
  • Background music that plays (on a loop. I plan on having a music playing system eventually)
  • 2 sound effect (my brother saying “You can not build there!” plays when you try to build on an already occupied space, and a hammer sound when building)

Next Iteration

This is where I will detail what I am currently working on adding. I plan on adding the following very soon:

  • Upkeep system that will cause buildings to cost a certain amount of money per time interval. This can be offset by taxes once I get around to how exactly they will work, and when they will work.
  • More sound effects
  • Achievements collection class (currently half done) that will handle various achievement functionality
  • Global Stats simulation (simulation of the average stats of the rest of the world, to compare to the players city)
  • Building models and their in game properties
  • a few more achievements
  • tweak various simulations

Screenshots (version 0.0.1):

If you have any questions about the game, please ask them in the comments below! If I get enough questions, I will probably end up adding a FAQ to this page.

  1. An updated list of all the names suggested so far. You can suggest a new name or suggest one of the ones listed here!

    Special Thanks to Aunt Diane:
    City Semble
    City Facture
    City Scape
    Shape –n- Scape
    Fake Scape
    Erect –a Scape
    Make -a- scape
    Urban Facture
    Capital Scape
    Metro Scape
    Faux town
    Sham City
    Wangle World
    Plot –n- Plan
    Scape Shaper
    New Sham City
    Neugin City
    Dream –n-Draft
    Consham City
    Feign Town
    Settle City
    Metro Vista

    Special Thanks to Waricck:

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