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Hello everyone. This post is going to go into detail about the League of Legends Forum Extension. This extension is for Google Chrome. I do plan on making ports of this extension to Firefox and Opera, but currently Chrome is the only browser this extension supports.

 Feature List:

  • Quick Navigation bar:
    • This is a drop down menu that sits in the top left corner of the page. It allows you to quickly navigate to various other boards from whatever board you are currently looking at. It is there on every page of the League of Legends website. The boards it has are as follows:
      • New Player Forums
      • Announcements
      • General Discussion
      • Guides and Strategy
      • Server Status
      • Clan & Team Recruitment
      • Help & Support
      • Champion Guides
      • Lore Discussion
  • Image Expansion:
    • This changes all image attachments in threads so that when you click an image, instead of opening up in a new tab, it expands on the page. This feature is very useful for threads that have a lot of images (like art threads, or comic threads). Images to are too wide (IE they get cut off by the left side of the post box) create a popup box with the image inside. This popup box also has a link that will allow you to open up the image in a new tab.
  • Red Post Preview:
    • When a Riot Staff member posts in a thread, an icon is shown next to the link to the thread. This feature changes that icon so that when you hover over the icon, a small popup window fades in with the content of the red post. This box has a link which will take you to the actual post, and you can click the actual icon to take you to the post (which is the standard functionality that the forums have)
  • Youtube link conversion:
    • This converts Youtube links to the actual embedded video so instead of clicking the link to go to the Youtube page, the video itself appears in the post.
  • Champion and Item name conversion:
  • Left and Right arrow Key Binding:
    • This feature makes it so that when you click the left/right arrow key, you go the the previous/next page respectively of the board/thread you are currently viewing
  • Thread number of Pages:
    • When a thread has more than 3 pages, the forums creates a last page link. This feature shows how many pages the thread has when it has more than 3 pages.
  • Options Page
    • There is an options page that comes with the extension. This lets you enable/disable an feature you like, so you can customize the extension to your own personal needs

Updates: This list will contain the last few updates that the extension has. For the full list of updates since the creation of the extension, go to the Extension page in the Chrome store

  • Current Version: 1.3.4
  • Next Stable Release: 1.4.0
  • Fixed a bug with thread features where they weren’t being loaded with a page refresh
  • fixed a bug with image expansion where images that were too big weren’t creating a popup box
  • Fixed several bugs with the options page and Red Post Previews
  • Changed Red Post Preview to show when you hover over the icon, rather than when you click it

Ports to other Browsers: I currently plan on porting this extension to Firefox and Opera. There is no ETA at the moment, because I have to figure out some issues with the Opera extension, and figure out how Firefox extensions work. If anyone has experience making either Opera or Firefox extensions, please leave a comments, or email me at

Thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions/critiques for this extension, or has reported bugs. Special thanks to Itzwartzy and Killsteel, who have posted quite a few bugs and suggestions.

If anyone has any comments/suggestions/critiques/Desired Features, please leave a comment or email me at Also, feel free to add me in game. My Summoner name is BlakMike. I also have a smurf, whose name is MiguelDelNegro. Note: I will be updating this post whenever new updates are added