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Very interesting article I just read about certain PC games that just won’t work on a console. The games mostly fall under the RPG or RTS category, but there are a couple of notable FPS games on the list. Some games of note that I personally enjoyed (or can’t wait to enjoy) were

  • Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Starcraft 2
  • EVE online
  • Civilization 5
  • Crysis
  • League of Legends


Personally, as an avid PC gamer, I think this article is a wonderful read for any type of gamer (whether on PC or Console) and gives some great games to try if you aren’t well versed in PC gaming yet. Personally, I think they should have included The Master of Orion series (a game similar to Sins of a Solar Empire, which was included). I would say they should have said Starcraft instead of Starcraft 2, but Starcraft was available on the N64 (most people don’t know that!). I actually first played Starcraft on my brothers old N64 before I got it for the PC.


Give the article a read! Its great:



Hello everyone! I am Mike, also known as Black Mike by friends (and BlakMike in League of Legends). I am a Computer Science major at NYU-Poly, and I created this blog so I could post about my projects that I am involved in. Currently, my main project is the League of Legends Forum Extension, so most of my posts will be about that. It is a Google Chrome extension that adds extra functionality to the League of Legends forums. It adds some awesome features to the forums, including image expansion, Youtube link embedding, and many others. The next post I make will contain all the information about the extension, including the feature list, and a description about what it does, and how to make use of the features.

Anyone who has any ideas for new features for the extension, or projects that you would like to see done, but don’t have the skills to complete them can feel free to request them! Thanks to everyone who gives ideas/comments/critiques/suggestions to the various projects I do.

I play quite a few games, but I currently am playing League of Legends mostly (this is the main reason I decided to create an extension for the forums.) I play a lot of different characters, but my favorites are Kayle, Miss Fortune, Kassadin, Leblanc, Amumu, and Tristana. I also play Malphite, Mordekaiser, Lux, Caitlyn, and Warwick quite often. If you would like to play a few games with me, or simply chat, add me in game. My summoner name is BlakMike. I also have a smurf named MiguelDelNegro (but I don’t play on this account much.)

I will also be posting about other various things related to technology, gaming, and any other miscellaneous subjects that interest me. So stay tuned! If you aren’t a programmer or Computer Science major/hobbyist, but are interested in technology, video games, or other random crap, you may enjoy reading what I have to write! So please stay a while, post some comments, and I hope you enjoy Blacks Corner!

I hope everyone enjoys the projects I am working on! If you would like to contact me about my projects, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at