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For people who don’t know, Lord of the Rings Online (or Lotro) is a free to play (F2P) MMORPG. Like most Free to Play models, there is of course an in game store where you can buy items to augment your play in one form or another (From XP boosts, to cosmetic items and crafting kits). While Waiting for Star Wars the Old Republic to come out (The latest MMO from Bioware. I have an information post about it) I decided I would try Lotro, since I wanted to test how my computer would work running SWTOR, and I wanted something fun and free to play.

I was able to get to level 24 with ease. The quests are pretty good, albeit normal for MMO’s (IE kill 15 of X, gather 20 of Y, etc.) with some instanced quest moments sprinkled in. Overall the leveling process is quite fun. The community in Lotro is one of the best things about this game. Everyone seems to be very nice and helpful, and any questions I had were answered immediately and nicely. Mounts are available at level 20, (assuming you don’t buy them with Turbine points) as well as instanced scenarios called skirmishes. These you can do solo or with a group, and are a great way to break up the monotony of questing. They provide quite a bit of XP also ( I was able to level up from 20-24 just from skirmishes) and the marks you get for completing them yields some nice gear for the level.

The crafting system is quite nice, and much more comprehensive than triple A MMO World of Warcraft (I’m sure everyone knows about this game).

I could go further, but then this wouldn’t be a brief synopsis. Overall, from what I have seen of the game, it is quite promising. Being free to play, I would advice everyone who is looking for a good MMO while waiting for SWTOR or GW2 (or Diablo 3 or whatever) to give Lotro a try. The only gripe I had about the game was the PVP system. It currently isn’t available for free to play players (you must subscribe in order to get access to it) and it isn’t like normal PvP in other MMO’s. It’s called Monster play, and you can read about it here if interested: