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This video, released thursday, is a Q&A session at the Bioware base in Comic Con discusses some very interesting information. View the video here:


Some information of note:

  • Exclusive Collector Edition shop announced; items in the “lounge” will not give players any advantages to power in-game; some cosmetic, some weapons and armor. Also similar items will be available to ALL players through other means in-game but with different looks.
  • Cosmetic modification to weapons has been confirmed. Similarly the color stone you will receive through the pre-order bonus will be “gold” and add certain effects to your weapon as well as just modifying the color.
  • Sharding technology (multiple instances of a zone) has been confirmed to be in-game, however they assure us it will only be used very “sparingly”. Upon the initial release they may use it to ensure server stability due to the large number of players logging on, but then after the population stabilizes they will try to use it less and less often or remove it entirely.
  • Advanced Class re-speccing is confirmed to be in-game for launch. It will be free the first time you do it, then it will become more and more “expensive” and “difficult”.
  • Due to overwhelming feedback received in response to the current speeders we have seen in-game, Bioware has decided to totally re-tool their entire philosophy in regards to mounts. Instead of having a system where players start with slower, less attractive speeders that “do not look great” and then “upgrade” them, NOW they are remodeling speeders so they are all aesthetically more pleasing to the player-base as a whole.
  • An unannounced feature will unlock new races and species to players. This is speculated to be the “Legacy” system in SWTOR.
  • Each class will have approximately 30 abilities at level 50.
  • Ship interior customization is currently being planned for the future, but WILL NOT be in-game at launch.
  • Titles will be in-game and very plentiful and are totally cosmetic.
  • There are no currently plans for a Mac client, however Bioware confirms that SWTOR “runs great” in Bootcamp.
Some great information in this Q&A and I suggest everyone give it a watch!