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For those who haven’t been following It’s a City building simulation game with a unique RTS twist. This is a very very very early form of the game. This simply consists of the foundation on which I’m going to develop my game. I have a few (poorly made) models but the real magic happens behind the scenes in the programming that simulates this world. Check out the Simulated City Game page (link above) to view about these stats and how the simulation works. I have created a video of the game (below) and took quite a few screen shots.

Simulated City Game video

If you view the video, make sure you pay attention to the stats, and how they change as I build the city. This video shows quite a few things.

Achievements: This video shows two achievements, Barter System, which is an economic achievement, and Community, which is a social achievement. Achievements are what define your civilization, and certain achievements make other achievements possible to get, and bar you from achieving others. The third achievement (not shown in the video) is Tribalism, which is unattainable when you get community. In the future, I may make this barring more flexible, as civilizations do change with time. Achievements also open up new buildings, techonology, and even new game mechanics. At a certain point, a civilization will be rewarded with an economic achievement (probably called currency) that will allow the player to enact taxes. Different tech trees will allow different forms of government, and there are further implementations that I haven’t even thought of yet! The achievement system really makes the possibilities almost endless!

Simulations: This is the bread and butter of my game. This is what makes the world change with time and what will (in the future, once I develop this game further) make the world interactive. Eventually I will have actual moving parts! I plan on adding civilians who will walk around (probably spawn at certain buildings, and un-spawn at others, perhaps going to work, going out to have fun, etc.) and a combat system. Right now, you can see this simulation unfold by watching the stats change as the player (me) builds different buildings. You can see how certain buildings depend on others (IE trade carts need goods to trade! so farms have to be built for people to start working at trade carts). I also simulate the global averages for other civilizations near yours. This will give a point of reference when calculating various stats about your city (like desirability, which uses the global averages), and in the future, determining things like trade agreements, war, etc.

Misc: The video also shows various other features of the game. I have a few sound effects in the game (some for buildings, general ambiance music, and error sounds (like when you try to build, but can’t). It also shows the GUI, which has menus for building, achievements, global stats, city stats, and a message system that hasn’t been utilized yet. It also has text alerts at the bottom of the page (for things like not having enough money, being blocked from building, etc.) The game also features 6 spiffy (read terrible) models!


The Future: For the future, there are several things I want to implement. As I stated above, in the long term future, I want to get a combat system, and a robust implementation of the achievements. The achievements will be one of the main game play mechanics that the player will interact with. In the near future, in addition to adding more content (buildings, achievements, etc.) I want to add some new mechanics. This includes:

  • Simulate Wealth gain/loss
  • Supply and demand
  • static, low frequency population increase (due to births and stuff)
  • Upkeep and revenue generation from buildings

And this game still needs a name! If you have an idea for a name, leave it on the Simulation Game page (link above!). Any other comments or questions, leave them below! Suggestions, and feedback is welcome!

View the screenshots below (which I started taking after I stopped recording the video)

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I finally got a chance to take and upload some screenshots of my latest project. I’m not sure what to call it yet, but I am happy with the direction it is going in. I must warn you, I am god awful at modeling, but I did my best to make all the objects fit a general theme. I think the tower model is my best one.

This shows off some of my models, and the simulation working over the course of time. In the right side of the screen you will see the stats menu which is a constantly changing counter of information about your city. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

I couldn’t get to this last night, but I finally fully played through the finished game, and took a bunch of screen shots and some video clips. Creating the second level was extremely fun, and I even added a sort of secret part to the level (its pretty obvious, but its seeccrreetttt)

I took quite a few screen shots of both levels. Some show the hero fighting, and jumping, or flying, at different parts of the level. My favorite parts of the levels have to be the arena area in level one (reached by going up to the garden area, and jumping across the floating platforms) and the large platform with the big tree in the second level. It has the two robot gaurds, but the best part is the view of the rest of the level. The secret level also has a very nice view. Its the highest point in the map, so you can see everything.

One thing I want to improve is the control system. It makes going certain directions difficult and annoying. However, I really can’t wait to start on level 3. I have a bit more things I want to add before I start on it, but I plan on attempting to try some modeling of my own, and create some interesting game geometry. If all else fails, I will try to use some free assets. Either way, I hope to give a different feel to the next level.

The video clip shows some combat, and movement through the level. I took video of the ending cut scenes for each level, and the beginning and end of the game.

The link for the download is in the previous post (reachable here:

The youtube link for the Video is here:

Let me know what you think! I detailed my future plans in the previous post, so If you want to know what I have planned next read that one.


I have completed the entire layout for the second level! it has about doubled in size since the last update, and I’ve added a few more level objects like crates. I am currently in the process of adding the pick-upable fuel cells (these basically work, but the sound is giving me a bit of a problem for some god forsaken reason). Currently though, the level more or less works. I can play through the first level and be taken to the second, and the player stats (health, score, etc.) stay the same! Below are some screen shots of the level in its current (and most likely final) form, along with the descriptions of what you are seeing.

Now that the level is complete, I can finally start adding all the stuff to it, making it a fully functional level. I also have imported some music into the game assets (they aren’t played in the game yet, I will implement that a little later). The music is mostly Muse songs (Muse is my favorite band!) that will act as placeholders until I get around the making my own (or having a friend make some)

Let me know what you think! Any comments are appreciated!

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Gallery with links to all the images and their descriptions:

After I completed the tutorial (You can read my post about it here ) I have been very busy! I added some touches to the game (A simple score system, refined some game variables like speed and jump, fixed  laser trap issue, and more) and started building my second level. I have been using the assets available with the tutorial. I may also download a few assets from online, though I may save doing that for the third level.

For the next version of the game (which will have this level) I plan on adding some extra music to it, another power-up type, and perhaps some extra functionality to the AI. I have decided to forget about my plans for adding wandering around to the enemy AI script, as without animation it just looks bad. Perhaps After I have learned a little bit about 3D modeling, I will get back to it.


The screen shots of the level are below. The descriptions describe each screen shot, and give information about what the area will be used for/why I created it that way.


If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please let me know!