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Theme Change

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Blacks Corner Updates
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I have changed the theme again. The notepad theme was getting a little old, and I liked it less and less as I used and posted on this site. This new theme looks awesome though! I think I will have this one for a while until I get around to creating my own. Let me know what you think!

Writing this blog has become a very fun hobby for me. I have learned a lot in writing some of the tutorials I have, and am much more productive now that I have a way to document my progress (which pushes me to post more and more progress)! However, some posts were written in haste, and some have some minor grammatical and spelling errors. So in the near future, in addition to writing new content, I will be rewording some of my posts, as per suggestions from some peers, and some revisions I find on my own.


So, for any of the writers, or experienced bloggers out there, if you want to aid me in the revision process, you can leave some comments, or email me at I would prefer if you left a comment, as I would be able to respond to and read it faster. For everyone who submits suggestions, thank you in advance! Anyone who is able to help me I will put a shout out to them (and free advertising for their site/products/whatever if they have one) in a post.

The newest version of Lerpz two has some great features. In addition to the Bottle power up I added last version, there are also two other power ups. One is a shield that prevents the knock back you get from enemies, and the other is a coin which grants you 25 points! I created both of the models for these two power ups, like the last one. They aren’t amazing quality (I am very new to 3D modeling) but they do work and look more or less how I want them. I also added an ambient spin to all the power-ups, so they all spin in place.

Of course, as mentioned last post, I also created a Boss, and you can complete the Boss fight in the second Level. he is still able to basically fly through walls and stuff, as his AI simply tells him to move towards the player, but I hope to fix that soon.

In addition to the power ups, I also added all new sounds to go with them, and updated the sound for the Bottle power up. I also updated the scoring system, so now every point you get is a multiple of 5. For example, each fuel cell collected yields 10 points, and each normal enemy defeated yields 25. The boss yields 250, and completing each of the levels yields 500! Now the end score is much bigger than before, and who doesn’t like nice large scores!

I took a bunch of screen shots, which can be seen below.

You can download the latest version of Lerpz 2 through the following link: 

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