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I finally completed the second level! Its uploaded and ready for download. The new version of the game comes with some new music and sounds, an upgraded look to the jet pack, and an entirely new level (You can see some early screen shots in the previous two posts). I also a added a score system (which will probably change a bit in the future), and a timer (to see how fast you can complete the level.

I plan on adding a new type of power up, and hopefully a boss (perhaps very simple for now. Maybe a moving enemy?). I also plan on changing some of the existing sounds in the game (the idle enemy sound annoys me… a lot). I have a limited selection of level geometry objects, but I will also try to add some more interesting level mechanics (rather than just running and jumping). Perhaps I will download a few different free assets, to mix the feel of the levels up.

In the long term, I plan to also eventually add a High Score list, a menu option to pick unlocked levels, and of course more powerful pickups that will add interesting elements to the game.

The link to download the game in its current form is here:

Let me know what you think!

I have completed the entire layout for the second level! it has about doubled in size since the last update, and I’ve added a few more level objects like crates. I am currently in the process of adding the pick-upable fuel cells (these basically work, but the sound is giving me a bit of a problem for some god forsaken reason). Currently though, the level more or less works. I can play through the first level and be taken to the second, and the player stats (health, score, etc.) stay the same! Below are some screen shots of the level in its current (and most likely final) form, along with the descriptions of what you are seeing.

Now that the level is complete, I can finally start adding all the stuff to it, making it a fully functional level. I also have imported some music into the game assets (they aren’t played in the game yet, I will implement that a little later). The music is mostly Muse songs (Muse is my favorite band!) that will act as placeholders until I get around the making my own (or having a friend make some)

Let me know what you think! Any comments are appreciated!

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Gallery with links to all the images and their descriptions:

After I completed the tutorial (You can read my post about it here ) I have been very busy! I added some touches to the game (A simple score system, refined some game variables like speed and jump, fixed  laser trap issue, and more) and started building my second level. I have been using the assets available with the tutorial. I may also download a few assets from online, though I may save doing that for the third level.

For the next version of the game (which will have this level) I plan on adding some extra music to it, another power-up type, and perhaps some extra functionality to the AI. I have decided to forget about my plans for adding wandering around to the enemy AI script, as without animation it just looks bad. Perhaps After I have learned a little bit about 3D modeling, I will get back to it.


The screen shots of the level are below. The descriptions describe each screen shot, and give information about what the area will be used for/why I created it that way.


If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please let me know!