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The newest version of Lerpz two has some great features. In addition to the Bottle power up I added last version, there are also two other power ups. One is a shield that prevents the knock back you get from enemies, and the other is a coin which grants you 25 points! I created both of the models for these two power ups, like the last one. They aren’t amazing quality (I am very new to 3D modeling) but they do work and look more or less how I want them. I also added an ambient spin to all the power-ups, so they all spin in place.

Of course, as mentioned last post, I also created a Boss, and you can complete the Boss fight in the second Level. he is still able to basically fly through walls and stuff, as his AI simply tells him to move towards the player, but I hope to fix that soon.

In addition to the power ups, I also added all new sounds to go with them, and updated the sound for the Bottle power up. I also updated the scoring system, so now every point you get is a multiple of 5. For example, each fuel cell collected yields 10 points, and each normal enemy defeated yields 25. The boss yields 250, and completing each of the levels yields 500! Now the end score is much bigger than before, and who doesn’t like nice large scores!

I took a bunch of screen shots, which can be seen below.

You can download the latest version of Lerpz 2 through the following link: 

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After quite a bit of coding, I was finally able to create my first Boss in Lerpz 2. I haven’t yet pushed the changes yet to media fire, but I took a video of me beating the boss in the Unity player. I still have a few modifications to make to the game before I release the next version. I want to add maybe one more power up, and add fix the movement of the boss. Perhaps I will make the regular enemies move. There is also a lot of unused space in the second level, which I want to fill with something besides level geometry.

I am well aware of the fact that the Boss can fly :P. Right now, its working as intended more or less (though I intend to fix this like I mentioned above). I may make the boss a little easier too, as it took my literally like 5-10 tries to actual get the video you see. But now that I have gotten both a rudimentary version of a boss, and autonomous movement to work, I have gotten over a hurdle that was stopping me from doing a few things before. I may also add a wander script to the normal enemies like I intended to originally do. Hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, let me know about them!

Video below:

After creating the model for my blue bottle power up (which can be read about in the previous post) I added the code to make the bottle actual power the player up! Its a combat power up, and makes your attacks twice as strong. It also comes with a cool particle animation so you can tell when it starts and when it ends. I dispersed these power ups throughout both levels, so you can find them and use them. I also added another sound the signify when you pick one up.


Adding the power ups was much easier than I anticipated. Adding the particle animation was a tad bit challenging because of the way that the original tutorial handled particles, but still everything worked out well. Overall, this was good fun and a great learning experience for me. Adding future power ups should be a breeze now.


Anyways, if you want to download the new version (version 2.0.1) then follow the following link:


Hope you enjoy the new version, and let me know what you think!

Screenshot of Lerpz after grabbing the bottle powerup.

Lerpz After getting the bottle powerup

While looking for a new model to use for the new Power up I wanted, I was unable to find one that I liked and could use. I found a couple that were OK, but they were in formats that I couldn’t use correctly in Unity for my game. So I downloaded Blender, and decided to try my hand at some simple 3D modelling!


After watching a few tutorials on using Blender, I jumped right into to modelling. I wanted to model a glass bottle to use in my game. This bottle would be a power up that would increase the strength of Lerpz auto attacks. After following the following tutorial: and adding a few variations of my own, I successfully made my model! It’s a super simple model. Basically just a blue bottle, but the fact that I was successfully able to do this really suprises me! I was never very good at graphic related stuff, as I usually focused on the programming aspect of my project, but Blender turned out to be vrey easy to use.


For anyone looking to get into 3D modelling but doesn’t have the cash to spend on one of the more expensive software out there, BLender is a great tool. The website to download blender is:


Screenshot of the Bottle in my Unity Scene view can be seen below.

My Bottle Model imported into Unity



I couldn’t get to this last night, but I finally fully played through the finished game, and took a bunch of screen shots and some video clips. Creating the second level was extremely fun, and I even added a sort of secret part to the level (its pretty obvious, but its seeccrreetttt)

I took quite a few screen shots of both levels. Some show the hero fighting, and jumping, or flying, at different parts of the level. My favorite parts of the levels have to be the arena area in level one (reached by going up to the garden area, and jumping across the floating platforms) and the large platform with the big tree in the second level. It has the two robot gaurds, but the best part is the view of the rest of the level. The secret level also has a very nice view. Its the highest point in the map, so you can see everything.

One thing I want to improve is the control system. It makes going certain directions difficult and annoying. However, I really can’t wait to start on level 3. I have a bit more things I want to add before I start on it, but I plan on attempting to try some modeling of my own, and create some interesting game geometry. If all else fails, I will try to use some free assets. Either way, I hope to give a different feel to the next level.

The video clip shows some combat, and movement through the level. I took video of the ending cut scenes for each level, and the beginning and end of the game.

The link for the download is in the previous post (reachable here:

The youtube link for the Video is here:

Let me know what you think! I detailed my future plans in the previous post, so If you want to know what I have planned next read that one.


I finally completed the second level! Its uploaded and ready for download. The new version of the game comes with some new music and sounds, an upgraded look to the jet pack, and an entirely new level (You can see some early screen shots in the previous two posts). I also a added a score system (which will probably change a bit in the future), and a timer (to see how fast you can complete the level.

I plan on adding a new type of power up, and hopefully a boss (perhaps very simple for now. Maybe a moving enemy?). I also plan on changing some of the existing sounds in the game (the idle enemy sound annoys me… a lot). I have a limited selection of level geometry objects, but I will also try to add some more interesting level mechanics (rather than just running and jumping). Perhaps I will download a few different free assets, to mix the feel of the levels up.

In the long term, I plan to also eventually add a High Score list, a menu option to pick unlocked levels, and of course more powerful pickups that will add interesting elements to the game.

The link to download the game in its current form is here:

Let me know what you think!